It has been already a whole week here in Salamanca Spain and lets say that it has been one interesting week. I have been learning the normal day-to- day life and routine of a typical Spaniard. Walking to class through the Plaza Mayor and having class in one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. 
Every Monday-Friday, I have to leave my house around 8:20am to get to the university and my class starts at 9:00am. By the time I get to class, it is about 8:50am. Ya my house is about 30 mins away where I live. It is such a long walk. I have to walk pass some busy streets, not to mention walk thought the Plaza Major. Don't get me wrong, I love it but, I just wish we lived closer. Once my first class is over at 11am, my next class starts at 11:05 am and not to mention that the building where my class is at is about 15 mins away....  yea.. I have to like power-walk every single day! It get super tiring... ugh. However, the teachers here are very sympathetic and they do not get upset when I come late cause they know the buildings are far from each other. Once I'm done with class, which finishes around 1:15pm. I return home with my other roommate and by the time we get home, it is already time to each lunch. So far, we have been having sandwiches.with salad, or potatoes. plus bread, bread, oh and did i mention bread? I swear, I feel like I'm gaining weight! 
But my host mother is the sweetest thing in the world. She makes us feel right at home and on the first day here in Spain, she actually told my roommates and I where all the great clubs were. I though it was so funny! 
I live in a room with Gladys from school and it is pretty small but we make it work. Not a lot of closet space though... 
However, all in all. I survived my first week in Spain and I am in love with this city :) 
I can't wait to see what else is there to come:) 

Family and friends are the most important in my life and I am so thankful on what I have in my life. Last night, close family members and close friends from kindergarden and high school came to celebrate my last night in the USA. Great memories and laughs are added to my book.. 
Giving my speech to them made me cry and I felt like a major dork. Ha! 
However, I know they are so proud of me and wish me the best out there. 
Knowing that I have family and friends behind my back and supporting me. 
One year ago, I would've never pictured my life the way it is now. I was just a simple normal girl figuring out what I want in life and figure out who I am. 
Growing up is no easy process and life has its ups and downs, but finding that small ounce of light in darkness, you can conquer anything. :) 

Today, I will be flying to Europe and this is one of many chapters of my life. I want to give millions of thank yous to my family and my friends and I love you so much. Quoted from e.e. cummings," It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." 

Now Spain... lets see what you have in store for me :) 

After a hot, humid, and long day, the impossible was made possible with the help of Mama and Papa Bear, I'm all done with packing! Originally, my luggage weighed about 60lbs (AA only allows checked in luggages that are no more than 50lbs internationally..ugh..), so by taking some clothes and transferring my jeans into my carryon, the final weigh in was about 40lbs!!! I did not know that jeans would weight so much. 
However,  I need all of those clothes. The sad part is that I even took out some clothes and put them back in my closet. It is crazy. All in all, I will be taking a checkin luggage, a carryon, and my personal (which is my backpack).
My thing is that how is a 5'1 girl going to be carrying all of this stuff?!?!?! I don't know how people do all of this, and I'm going to be staying for a school year! Im going all crazy and so stressed out about this. But I did want to travel aboard for a year so I have to suck it up and take it like a man! Ha! 
Tomorrow will be Wednesday... the final day to do all of my last, last minute packing/shopping/cleaning/everything before August 29 arrives!!!!! 

It's Tuesday!!!! Only 2 more days left until I leave the United States. So that means I have more packing to do! And my room looks even worst! Clothes everywhere and figuring out if I really need over there. While I'm listening to music and being up since 7:30am, doing laundry is another story. 

I found my luggage and I just hope that can fit a whole school year of clothes! Ugh. Not only that, I still need to pack makeup, shoes, straightener, curling iron, toiletries, and other stuff. 

Did I mention that my luggage cannot weight more than 50lbs? If it does, I get charged like $100! How am I about to do that?!?!? 

I just hope I get everything done on time.. And I can't find my headphones.. I think my brother took them.. Ewwww

Well the plan for all day, PACK!!! :P


So, I went to my bank to exchange my US dollars to Euros. So, I ask the bank person when I will be getting them. He says I should be getting them by Tuesday or Wednseday and I was pretty happy about that. Then I ask him that I would like to exchange so I can get 200 Euro. Little did I know, € 200 = $283. I cried a little inside. It was horrible. I basically lost $100. Euros.... You suck and I already hate you!

Today is August 26 2013.... 3 MORE DAYS!!!!! Yet, I still haven't packed at all. I have no idea where to start and this is so stressful. I feel like I have everything for Spain but at the same time, I feel that I'm missing something. Do I need more things? Do I need less? I'm not sure, but I am determined to pack as much as possible. Plus, I still need to exchange some cash for Euros. 
Ugh... I really don't want to do anything at all, but duty calls and I guess I need to get my lazy butt up and get some stuff done around the house... Ha.