After a hot, humid, and long day, the impossible was made possible with the help of Mama and Papa Bear, I'm all done with packing! Originally, my luggage weighed about 60lbs (AA only allows checked in luggages that are no more than 50lbs internationally..ugh..), so by taking some clothes and transferring my jeans into my carryon, the final weigh in was about 40lbs!!! I did not know that jeans would weight so much. 
However,  I need all of those clothes. The sad part is that I even took out some clothes and put them back in my closet. It is crazy. All in all, I will be taking a checkin luggage, a carryon, and my personal (which is my backpack).
My thing is that how is a 5'1 girl going to be carrying all of this stuff?!?!?! I don't know how people do all of this, and I'm going to be staying for a school year! Im going all crazy and so stressed out about this. But I did want to travel aboard for a year so I have to suck it up and take it like a man! Ha! 
Tomorrow will be Wednesday... the final day to do all of my last, last minute packing/shopping/cleaning/everything before August 29 arrives!!!!! 

8/27/2013 12:51:42

Nice job packing. But u forgot to pack your puppy. You're going to have a fantastic experience


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