It's Tuesday!!!! Only 2 more days left until I leave the United States. So that means I have more packing to do! And my room looks even worst! Clothes everywhere and figuring out if I really need over there. While I'm listening to music and being up since 7:30am, doing laundry is another story. 

I found my luggage and I just hope that can fit a whole school year of clothes! Ugh. Not only that, I still need to pack makeup, shoes, straightener, curling iron, toiletries, and other stuff. 

Did I mention that my luggage cannot weight more than 50lbs? If it does, I get charged like $100! How am I about to do that?!?!? 

I just hope I get everything done on time.. And I can't find my headphones.. I think my brother took them.. Ewwww

Well the plan for all day, PACK!!! :P

Juan Alejandro
8/27/2013 00:48:49

Pack the essentials. Buy clothes there! Problem solved! ;)

Claudia M
8/27/2013 02:56:14

Umm. Stop over thinking your packing. Pack the essentials and just buy whatever else you need out there. Travel as light as you can. Anything you have here you will find in Spain.

8/28/2013 00:24:04

My little Priscilla, you can make it with 50 lbs :p I came back from Germany with exactly 49 and it was completely stuffed full. But definitely pack light and buy the toiletries and things you don't need immediately when you get there. Not to mention, then you have cool shampoo from Spain :D


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